Client Testimonials

"I have rehearsed in studios all over the world & Crossover is by far the most professional, reliable and friendly to date."Derek St. Holmes Ted Nugent/Big People
"Crossover serves up just the right ambiance and privacy, with a cool vibe and a great staff that makes you feel right at home."Don Barnes, .38 Special
"Crossover has a very comfortable surrounding. Excellent rooms that allow you to do pre-tour rehearsal with full production. They also have a great staff to take care of you and your equipment."Donnie Van Zant, .38 Special
"I don't know what we'd do without Crossover Entertainment. Everyone there is friendly, professional, and always there when we need anything. I would highly recommend Crossover to anyone who is looking for a top-notch rehearsal or backline facility."Edwin McCain
"Everything about Crossover and its staff spells Professional. If its dishin' up the perfect backline or providing rehearsal space to satisfy your production needs, they rank # 1."Jeff Carlisi .38 Special/ Big People
"Crossover has it all, big room for full sound and lighting rehearsal, and rooms intimate enough to bring you back to your garage days. The staff is a pleasure to work with, their performance is consistent no matter how big or small an artist may be."Liberty DeVitto Billy Joel / Big People
"My experience with Crossover has been great. Whether I'm in need of backline, a top-notch rehearsal space, or just a good conversation, I can always count on the most friendly and the most professional folks around. I even recorded the bulk of my latest record there."Shawn Mullins
"Billy Johnson's operation at Crossover Entertainment is top shelf. Over the years we have prepared our groups including Arrested Development, Da Brat, Kris Kross and X-scape for domestic and international tours. Not only does Crossover provide the best facilities and manpower, Billy truly understands the meaning of customer service and consistently demonstrates his love for the artists and their music"SoSo Def Recording
"I've been with crossover Ent. since 1992 and they have always been the most professional rehearsal space in Atlanta. I used them for my solo career and Arrested Development."Speech


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